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Audio Recording & Transcription

Feb - 27

Audio Recording & Transcription

Best Practices for Audio Recording and Audio Transcription

Verbal Ink has completed thousands of audio transcription jobs, ranging from short interviews to several hundred hour research projects. Our transcriptionists are experts at quickly and accurately transcribing audio files – and if you’ve ever tried to transcribe a recording yourself, you know that’s no easy feat!

We can transcribe that dusty analog cassette tape.

Digital MP3 files are the easiest audio format to work with. Feel free to mail us your physical CDs for audio transcription.We’re happy to transcribe your microcassettes or DAT tapes. Verbal Ink offers audio transcription for almost any audio file format, including standard cassettes, micro-cassettes, CDs, and digital files. Don’t see your format below? Don’t worry – as long as it’s an audio recording, we can probably transcribe it! Here’s a list of our more commonly accepted digital files: Audio Transcription File Formats

| ———-| ———-| ———-| ——– | | .WAV | .MP3 | .WMA | .DSS | | DVD | .DVF | .MSV | .AIFF/.AIF | | Webex | Pando | Quicktime | .MOV | | .AVI | .MP4 | .MP2 | .WMV |

Even if your format is not on this list, we love a challenge! Recently, a client with a large audio transcription project sent us microcassettes that haven’t been produced since 1973. The Verbal Ink team found the exact Norelco dictation machine needed for playback on eBay so that we could complete the project. Also, we understand that, especially with analog audio formats, there may be background noise, tape hiss, or other unwanted noises. Fear not! Verbal Ink uses several tools that allow us to “clean up” your audio recording prior to transcription. We’ve also put together a guide to best practices for audio transcription that will help you get the best recordings possible.

Verbal Ink offers many services, but it’s our accurate, reasonable audio transcription that has allowed us to grow into the company we are today – you might even say that audio transcription is still our first love. We look forward to helping you with your next project, and having you join the ranks of our thousands of satisfied customers!


To see how little it will cost for Verbal Ink to transcribe your audio file, get a free estimate now.


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