German Transcription

German Transcription from Verbal Ink

At Verbal Ink, we do.

Did you know that German is the most widely spoken first language in the European Union? Business has no boundaries anymore. No matter what line your company is in, it’s probably connected in some way to a European company, and it’s likely that that country speaks German.

Our professional staff of transcriptionists is more than capable of taking your German audio recording and rendering it as a German text document. Imagine not having to spend your time replaying and replaying an audio file searching for that elusive factoid, that perfect comment that you know your interview subject said sometime during your first hour together.

Our German transcription service offers all of the options that our standard service offers: multiple speaker tracking, verbatim transcription, and time stamps or time codes. In addition, our German linguists will be proofreading your document at least twice to make sure everything is accurate.

And remember that Verbal Ink also has translators on staff to take the next step and convert the German document into English if need be.

Your German transcription rate is calculated per minute of audio, without extra taxes or charges. The project is assigned to one of our friendly Account Executives who will email your transcript to you once the project is complete. Our German linguists can handle your specific dialect, whether it’s High German, Middle German, or Low German, or from one of the other six countries where it is the official language.

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