Japanese Transcription


Konnichiwa! Your focus groups, interviews, and other recordings conducted in Japanese can be transcribed into a Japanese text document. When your source material is intended to be put towards a finished report, let Verbal Ink handle the time-consuming task of typing everything up, leaving you with the ease of simply cutting and pasting.

Time stamps, time codes, verbatim transcription, tracking multiple speakers—these are all features that we offer for our Japanese transcription services, just as we do for our standard transcriptions. Additionally, your Japanese transcript will receive extra care as we have our Japanese linguists review it for clarity. We also offer Japanese translation as well.

The end of the last decade saw over a 10% increase in Japanese language enrollments in colleges and universities. Did you know that Japanese is currently the sixth most used Internet language? If you have a web presence and you want accurately written content for your site based off of interviews that you’ve done, let our professionals handle it. And if you need an English translation on your site as well, consider using our translators.

Our Japanese linguists are well-versed in Western, Eastern, or Kyushu dialects. No matter whether your recording originates in Japan, Guam, or Taiwan, Verbal Ink is the ideal final destination for it. And our transcriptionists are some of the best you’ll find anywhere in the world.

Give us a call at (877) 983-7225 or contact us for more information on Japanese transcription to get started on your project today!