Spanish Transcription


¿Habla español? Verbal Ink now offers Spanish transcription services! In fact, we offer both Spanish transcription and Spanish translation. What’s the difference? Spanish translation involves changing one language to another. For example, taking an audio recording of an interview that’s in Spanish, and transcribing it as an English text document. Spanish transcription, on the other hand, would take that same Spanish language interview and transcribe it as a Spanish text document.

As with our standard transcription services, our Spanish transcriptionists can track multiple speakers, transcribe verbatim, or add time codes and time stamps. Furthermore, each file will be proofread and reviewed by our Spanish linguists at least twice for quality assurance.

Our Spanish transcription rates are calculated per minute of audio so there aren’t any extra taxes or charges. We fully vet prospective transcriptionists with a rigorous testing process prior to joining our team. And, our Spanish linguists have knowledge that spans the spectrum of region-specific, country-specific, and even city-specific dialects. Whether you’re from Spain, Mexico, South America, or the Caribbean, chances are, we’ve got you covered.

According to recent survey data, nearly 38 million people in the U.S. speak Spanish at home — and at work, school, and play! We live in a bilingual, and increasingly multilingual, society: there are over eleven million television-viewing Latino households in the U.S., the American market for books written in Spanish is more than $350 million, and there are 385 weekly and 37 daily newspapers that target Latino audiences.

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