Our History


Verbal Ink was founded in 2003 and has been faithfully serving its customers ever since. We established ourselves early on as one of the leading players in the transcription services industry and have built out our suite of services to include translation services, foreign language transcription, subtitling services, localization services, voiceover services, and a whole host of writing services.

Our goal is to offer the best possible service to our clients while building long-term relationships built on mutual respect and trust. Over the years, many other companies have adopted Verbal Ink’s philosophies and strategies for doing business, and we couldn’t be more proud.

In December 2016, Ubiqus Reporting, Inc., a veteran of the language services industry, acquired Verbal Ink. The allure of this acquisition comes from the mutual focus on providing the highest quality services to our clients. With Ubiqus’ global presence that spans nine countries, Verbal Ink is now positioned to offer an even wider breadth of services to our loyal clients.

We continue to seek to be the leaders in our field both in quality of service and innovation. If there is any project related to your language or transcription needs, we would thoroughly enjoy collaborating with you to help you achieve your goals.