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Our Clients


Serving Thousands of Happy Clients

Verbal Ink clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds: we work with college students, writers and interviewers, mom and pop businesses, even multinational conglomerates and Ivy League universities. While our clients are all very different, they share an appreciation for Verbal Ink’s accuracy, reliability, and fantastic customer service.

We know because they’ve told us – not only with emails and phone calls, but also by referring many of their friends and co-workers to us. Here are some of the satisfied customers we’ve worked with over the years:

The Fashion Informer

Let’s face it – when you hear the phrase “transcription services,” you’re more likely to think of focus groups and market research than Milan catwalks and supermodels. Maybe this case study will change that. The Fashion Informer (TFI) brings its many readers the latest runway coverage, designer profiles, and behind-the-scenes fashion studio visits.

When TFI interviews the hottest new fashion designers, they know that Verbal Ink can transcribe those interviews quickly and accurately. Our transcriptionists get it right the first time, researching the names of obscure fashion houses and arcane apparel terms. And even though some of the haute couture that TFI covers may be pricey, our transcripts never are. At Verbal Ink, accuracy, affordability, and quality are always in style.


The Scientific Community

For most of us, our closest interaction with astrophysicists is with The Big Bang Theory’s Raj Koothrappali. But in Verbal Ink’s case, we’ve had the privilege of transcribing the work of some of the top astrophysicists out there (and we do mean out there.) As you might expect, people that are seeking to unlock the mysteries of the universe use some hyper-specialized technical terms. And, because they come from all over the world, they also have a range of exotic accents. Thankfully, our transcriptionists aren’t any slouches in the brainpower department, either – and they get these very difficult transcripts right the first time, down to the last zettajoule.


3 Roads Communications

As a leader in the multimedia world of strategic communication, 3 Roads Communications understands how important it is to tell an award-winning story. And when we say “award-winning”, we mean it – they’ve earned multiple Telly Awards in categories including editing, education, and social responsibility. 3 Roads trusts Verbal Ink with the transcription services that they require for their documentaries, short films, and cable television shows.

They know that our team of U.S. based transcriptionists can handle anything, from the complicated financial terminology found in The Truth About Money with Ric Edelman to the thick accents of the refugees interviewed in Rescue in the Philippines. They also know that our high quality transcripts are surprisingly affordable, which helps 3 Roads keep costs low for their clients.





Some of Our Success Stories