Giving Back


One of our core tenets as a company is the idea of giving back, helping others, sharing, and trying to make the world just a little bit better. Sometimes this is as simple as really listening to what a client needs and going the extra mile; sometimes it’s a larger philanthropic cause.

At the root of it all is one word: gratitude. We thoroughly appreciate the relationships formed with each of our clients, because through the opportunities to serve them, we are able to contribute to a diverse range of non-profits nationwide.

We, at Verbal Ink and our parent company, Ubiqus, have contributed to over 160 individual non-profits since 2010 through both monetary donations and organized participation. Collectively, we are honored to have supported causes, including medical research, animal welfare, education, human rights, youth development, hunger relief, environmental wellness, nature conservation, mental health, and disaster assistance.

Furthering our social and ecological impacts, our teams strive to maintain in-house recycling and energy-conservation practices.