Living Wage


At Verbal Ink, we pay our transcriptionists a living wage, even while keeping prices affordable for our customers. We don’t do this out of self-righteousness or superiority – we do this because it feels good! And, it makes for great business. By paying our team a living wage, we’re able to attract some of the top talent in the language service industry. This translates to impeccable transcript accuracy for our clients.

As consumers think more about the true costs of outsourcing labor overseas, and the fair and humane treatment of that labor, our decision to pay a living wage to North American based workers rings true. Our goal at Verbal Ink is not to become the “Walmart of transcription companies,” keeping costs low by any means necessary. Instead, we make a modest profit that allows us to run a sustainable business while supporting hundreds of staff.

Though it may sound like a cliche, we really do want to make the world a better place. Providing wages that allow our staff to be self-sufficient is a small investment that pays big dividends. Our staff can speak to this the best – here are some examples of what a living wage has meant to them:

What Our People Say

“Working for Verbal Ink is, by far, my favorite job ever. I know that they value me, and I know that they feel the same way about their clients. I get to work on my own terms, while still being paid a living wage. The ability to set my own schedule and workload allows me to contribute financially to my family AND remain available to them when they need me. It’s so nice to know that I’m working for a company that cares just as much about people as it does about the bottom line.”
Amy, Colorado

“Working for Verbal Ink has allowed me to make the dream of a harmonious work-life balance a reality. When I began working for Verbal Ink in 2007, I merely hoped to be able to make a living while staying at home with my young daughter. I had no idea how truly rewarding it would be, both personally and professionally, to have the opportunity to plan my work around my life and not the other way around. I cannot put into words how valuable it has been to take an active role in my children’s early lives and development and still work steadily. The cherry on top is that it’s been a true privilege to work with their caring and professional team of Account Executives and to know that I am contributing to a company that strives to help make the busy lives of its clients and employees more manageable.”
Katie, Michigan

“After finishing college, my husband and I started our family and both worked outside the home. I struggled with the amount of time I was away from my family, but still wanted to help support them. I looked for quite some time for a job that would allow me to provide extra income for my family while still being available to meet all of their needs. Working as a transcriptionist for Verbal Ink was the perfect solution. Being able to work from home enables our family more financial freedom, while still allowing me to be the mother I want to be. I have been with Verbal Ink since March 2010. In that time Verbal Ink has become my all-time favorite transcription company. In all honesty, I adore this job. They seem to really respect and appreciate what I do. Most don’t realize how rare that is in this industry. Many seem to think that transcription is simply typing, but the crew at Verbal Ink seems to realize there is an art to it.”
Mandy, Alabama

“Not only do they pay me to do something I relish doing, but they pay a wage that I can actually survive on. My husband and I were in an auto accident five years ago which left him permanently disabled. The solid work availability and very reasonable pay allows me to work from home and still support us. I can’t explain how much that means to me. Verbal Ink is just the best company to work for. Working from home has allowed me to work when I want to day or night. If I need to stop work and get up and do something or take a break, I’m free to do so. I live in a very small town of around 300 people. Jobs are pretty scarce around here, so I can work to my heart’s content without having to spend a lot of time driving to a job. Working from home has allowed me to go to the activities of my 12 grandchildren more frequently. That has just been a big plus to me. I also have a lot of animals and love to garden, so I have time for those things too.”
Pam, Virginia

“After having lived and worked outside of the U.S. doing volunteer work for the last 30+ years, my husband and I found ourselves living in Seattle with our kids starting all over again a few years ago. We were both having a hard time finding work. We arrived right at the height of the economic crisis when everyone was losing jobs and it was tough going. Since I had a lot of experience in transcription, I started searching online for some possibilities there. Thankfully, I found Verbal Ink! That was over six years ago, and I can say it’s been great!”
Val, Washington