Our Transcriptionists


Verbal Ink has some of the most qualified and seasoned transcriptionists in the industry. Our rigorous hiring process and the fact that we pay a living wage is one of many reasons that makes Verbal Ink one of the most coveted transcription companies to work for. Not only are all of our transcriptionists required to pass a thorough screening process, but we also run background checks to ensure that the person handling your material is reliable and trustworthy.

Our Transcriptionists don’t have the luxury that interviewers and stenographers have, being able to pipe in now and again with a “Sorry—what was that?” “Could you spell that?” “Would you mind slowing down a little?” Therefore, by the time we get the file, the speaker is long gone. So these are a few of the habits we look for in hiring only the best:

1- Good Listening: While this might seem obvious, you would be surprised at how important this is in accurately transcribing text. Being attuned to the subject matter at hand even if it is something that a transcriptionist might not have knowledge of is crucial in providing an accurate transcript.

2 – Accurate Typing: While speed is helpful, this industry is not ultimately about how many words per minute you can type. Accuracy reigns and is supreme. While spell check may help, it’s often important to be able to intuitively assess the proper use of a word in its broader context.

3 – Stickler for Details: We try to avoid blanks in your transcript as much as possible, and one of the ways we are able to do is going back to fill them in later once the transcriptionist has gotten accustomed to the speaker. It’s this kind of small detail that lets you know we are committed to the most accurate transcript possible.

4 – Research Junkie: Every transcription job has its own particular jargon, and even a “Jack of all trades” might not be familiar with every term. Medical terminology, economic acronyms, engineering lingo…. all of these will have our transcriptionist heading over to Google hunting for the correct spelling.

5 – Style Matters: Verbal Ink has a rigorous style guide that we ask all of our transcriptionists to adhere to. This ensures consistency across the board so that you ideally should not be able to tell who worked on your transcript because the quality is that consistent.

If you are a transcriptionist or translator looking to work for Verbal Ink, please apply for a position.