Translation Services


Verbal Ink’s Translation Services

Translation is the process of conveying the meaning of text in one language into another.

Translation isn’t just a skill – it’s actually a finely tuned craft. Let Verbal Ink’s translation services team turn your next project into a linguistic masterpiece.

Whether it’s from English to another language, or from another language to English, Verbal Ink appreciates the need for accurate, high-quality translation. We can translate your original source material from any language into the language of your choice.

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We Translate Everything: Over 200 Languages!

Verbal Ink’s translation services team can handle just about any project imaginable: websites, marketing materials, guides, manuals, and contracts to name just a few. Getting every word just right is crucial in providing an accurate meaning in any language.

Common Questions

We know that this may be your first time using translation services, and we have done our best to answer some common questions. Verbal Ink has earned the trust of thousands of clients over the years and is eager to earn yours.

We are more than just your average language company. We have some of the most highly screened linguists in the industry. Not only that, but we get to know our clients and look forward to building a relationship that can maximize our value to you. If you do not see an answer to your question here, please contact us.


What’s the difference between transcription and translation?

Transcription is taking your audio and putting in written form. Translation is the process of conveying the meaning of those words into another language.


How will I be billed for my project?

If your source material is in written form, you will be billed on a per word basis. If you have audio that requires translation, you will be billed for each minute of audio.