Copywriting Services


When presenting your next great product, service, or even yourself, it’s not enough to be merely informative – you have to have style. Whatever your topic, our team of experienced copywriters can turn it into a story that is ready to be seen and heard by the world.

We are able to write all types of copy, including:

  • Business: Deftly crafted marketing and sales copy for creating brand awareness and engagement, as well as other informative business materials. Examples include taglines and headlines, brochures, direct mail, and print ads, company biographies, press releases, and newsletters.
  • Technical: Descriptive copy that explains a technical topic or procedure, and is generally geared towards a broad audience rather than field experts. These include how-to guides, white papers, and user manuals.
  • Digital: Website copy that enhances a brand’s or product’s Internet presence and ensures that the right people are finding you in the right places. Website copy includes blog posts, social media, and content for company websites.
  • Personal: Today’s job seekers need to create personal “brand awareness” in order to stay competitive. Our personal copywriting services include resumes, cover letters, and social media profiles (such as LinkedIn).
    We pride ourselves on our precision, attention to detail, and creativity, and we ensure that our copywriters take this commitment seriously as well. All Verbal Ink copywriters are college graduates with extensive writing experience.

To provide an accurate estimate, we’ll need to know:

  • The type of project (e.g., sales letter, resume)
  • Your target audience or demographic
  • Product or service information when applicable
  • Expected due date